DigitalJedi at work

This is the look on my face when I'm developing code ^^
It's actually true..

When I'm not coding...

I'll hopefully do this...

Beauty and the beast

My beautiful wife Anja

The engineer way

When you're doing something as boring as the dishes, spice it up ^^

It's actually works...

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  • New job at

    Starting a new job at as a software engineer. Will be working with ASP.NET C# mostly. ...

  • ASP.NET C# certification

    At the start of 2014 I started up on a certification on a Microsoft ASP.NET, with C# as behind-co...


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Demostation of code will soon be here

Technologies will mainly be .NET C#, Javascript, WPF, CSS3 and HTML5

Get inspiration here

For the late future --> mobile development

Mainly andriod and HTML5 - NEVER APPLE..!

Using future coding style